Roasted red pepper soup with cauliflower

I haven’t posted any recipes for more than a month and a half and it will not be changed soon for a number of reasons. The main and the most important one is: I’m going to cook and to shoot recipes for a new cook book project I’m involved to. It’s exciting but also very time consuming, especially considering that I’m going to make 2 recipes per week and also I have to keep doing my usual work. Well, it’ll be a challenge, but I still hope to find some time to update this page too. Before cookbook madness hasn’t started, I want to share a brilliant roasted pepper soup recipe. It’s surprising, but I’ve tried it only this summer for the first time, where was it hidden before?

(🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).
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Garlic scapes cream soup

Last Saturday I had a short date with my childhood harvesting cherries from a tree in Zahorska Bystrica garden. Well, I’m glad  to say that I’m still good in it 🙂 I also noticed that garlic scapes have fully grown and it’s the highest time to harvest them too. It’s not a product from my childhood, but I was excited to cook it. I didn’t read any recipes, just took everything I found in the fridge that could  match garlic scapes and cooked a cream soup. Here is a recipe (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Asparagus cream soup

Last weekend we went to Trnava, a small city in 30 minutes by train from Bratislava. Now Trnava is known with  it’s new restaurants and food bars and it’s a popular destination for 1 day trip from Bratislava. It was my second visit to this city but I  have never really walked there before. So I can admit that this Slovak “hidden treasure” has very beautiful architecture and it’s… so cozy 🙂 Asparagus was on the season menu in the most Trnava restaurants, so I took green asparagus soup for my lunch. The soup was good, but I decided that I’d make it with white asparagus and less sour. I made it the next day and it was more than tasty. So happy to share this recipe 🙂 (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).
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Umami duck soup with pak choi

Duck stock is my new favourite stock. I discovered it 2 month ago and cook it almost every week since then like a base for different soups. The recipe I want to share is dedicated to my recent travel to Amsterdam where I visited China town and was amazed how wide they use pak choi cabbage. (P.S. also please mind spelt sour dough bread on the picture, I promise again to describe my sour dough experience). This soup is very “umami”. That’s what you can expect from the “meat and mushroom stock combination”. (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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White beans, mushrooms, sausage and kale soup

It is cold here in Slovakia (around -15C in the morning) thus a big bowl of a hot soup is something to dream about. So I decided to taste a new soup recipe and to use dried mushrooms we gathered in Nová Baňa in autumn. Once again, it was success from the first try (considering amount of the cooking f%ckups I usually have, 2 good recipes in a row is a very exciting result).
(🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)
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Turmeric ginger chicken soup with noodles

Chicken soup seems to be an important dish for many countries. In Odessa it was claimed to be a cure against all possible illnesses (no wonder, as Odessa has a big Jewish population and a rich chicken soup is a staple of East European Jewish cuisine). In Bratislava, chicken soup also plays the key role  on Sunday family dinner. I can cook  this soup both in Odessa and Bratislava styles but I’m always open to new ideas so I tried turmeric and ginger chicken soup and I’ve fallen in love with it now 🙂
(🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)

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Vegetarian borscht with red lentils

Oh, I can write a lot about borscht.It is better to say: it’ll be hard to write about the most famous Ukrainian soup briefly 🙂 May be it is borscht that comes first to my mind when I think about Ukrainian cuisine. It’s like kapustnica for Slovaks and it has both gastronomical and cultural values. There are sayings like “you can’t cook borsht with him” which means “this person is not good to have a deal with” or “you can cook a good borscht, so you can get married”. Borscht recipes show a wide range, the one I’m going to share is my favorite, I’ve tested it last year and it was success from the first try.
(🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)

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Marinated Swiss chard and beef soup

I’ve wanted to cook a sorrel soup (which is called in Ukraine ‘green borsht’) for a long but I never saw sorrel on sale in Slovakia. My Slovak friends told me that, of course, they knew what sorrel is but most of them had never heard that it could be used in soup. Sorrel soup should be a little bit sour, it makes this soup special and that is why it was difficult to find a good substitution. Sometimes spinach is used together with sorrel in green borsht, but I never liked it because boiled spinach leaves remind me wet toilet paper (sorry!), so combination of spinach and lemon juice was not an option. Last Saturday I discovered that it’s an autumn season of Swiss chard and decided to use it in the soup. It worked perfectly 🙂

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Greetings from Nová Baňa: cold beetroot soup recipe

This week was very hot in Bratislava so the idea to spend  a weekend in a country house in Nová Baňa sounded as a good idea. It was hot even there so my choice for the Saturday dinner was obvious: I cooked a cold beetroot soup.

If you ask me what is the taste of south Ukrainian summer, I will place this soup (it has very cute name in  the region where I grew up “cholodnichok”) right after famous Mikado tomatoes.  It’s also interesting because you can find all 3 staples of Ukrainian cuisine in this recipe: beet, dill and sour cream. Someone call this soup “cold borsht”. Every year I waited for the beginning of summer and my mom can finally  cook it. It’s a super dish for hot summer days when you don’t want to eat too much but you also don’t want to feel hunger in an  hour after you had lunch.

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Eshkeneh Persian onion soup

If you like “food and culture” topic, you will like for sure “A Taste of the Past” podcast on Heritage radio network. Last episode of this show was dedicated to Persian cuisine and I realized that I really don’t know much about cooking traditions in this part of the word. First attempt in Google gave me Eshkeneh onion soup recipe with taste combinations I’ve never tried before. Can you imagine the soup made with chopped mint, onions, tomato and pomegranate? Let’s try it! Here is a recipe.

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