Sweet potatoes and sheep’s milk cheese salad

Another perk of May here in Bratislava is arrival of fresh “May made” bryndza sheep’s milk cheese, one of the staples of Slovak cuisine. I welcome it gladly and buy this bryndza every Saturday at farm market. Here is a recipe of a simple salad featuring bryndza and sweet potatoes. (🇸🇰 slovenskĂ˝ preklad nĂĄjdete za anglickĂ˝m textom).

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Crunchy bulgur salad

The real spring is just behind the corner, first long awaited herbs and veggies will appear within a month, so it’s time to test some new recipes that could become my spring favorites. The first one is this crunchy bulgur salad that makes a great side dish or can be a quick vegetarian lunch itself. You can vary veggies I use for this salad, but the main point is to keep it crunchy. (🇸🇰 slovenskĂ˝ preklad nĂĄjdete za anglickĂ˝m textom)
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Artichokes hearts and quinoa warm salad

Last Thursday I invited guests to late dinner and my plan was to cook something quick and impressive (and worthy to be shared here, lol). It didn’t take too long to make a choice, because I had pickled artichokes and freshly bought package of quinoa that was on sale in Tesco. I can also proudly say that this whole recipe was created by myself: it’s quinoa warm salad with pickled artichoke hearts, shallots and tomatoes. It’s really quick to cook if you already have pickled artichokes, but this quickness didn’t save me from being late as I had some urgent work to do, so I started too late and guests came when salad was cooling. And… Do you also say to your friends “wait a moment, I have to make a picture first and then we can eat?” Well, my friends are already used to it.

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Warm quinoa salad with green beans and bryndza cheese

After reading my so far favourite book about food history, Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People by Linda Civitello, I became interested in New World crops. Quinoa was one of them, but the price for even a small package was so high that I always held myself from buying it with a quote “stop buying avocado on a toast if you want to afford the house “. Last visit to Tesco brought me a surprise, 250 package of quinoa for the price that I could name “still overpriced, but I can try it”. What cook from quinoa on May in Slovakia when famous May bryndza cheese is available in all stores? I have an obvious answer: just combine these 2 products in 1 dish. The result is great 🙂

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