Rhubarb, almonds and pears pie

Red rhubarb is finally at the season so I can bake one of the pies I have been thinking about since last summer.
A few comments before I share the recipe. It may be the simplest recipe I shared here, so don’t hesitate to cook it even if you are not an experienced baker. Then, it’s hard to define exact measurements as if you prefer, for example, more almonds, you can use more almonds and no one will judge you.
And also: you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen cutting rhubarb into a pattern, just do it in the way you like. (ūüáłūüáį slovensk√Ĺ preklad n√°jdete za anglick√Ĺm textom).

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Rhubarb banana muffins

I honestly tried to break this “no meat recipes” circle in my blog but it’s hard to switch to other topics when you have fresh rhubarb in your fridge. So the recipe of rabbit stew will wait until I get enough of rhubarb. This week I decided to combine sour rhubarb with sweet bananas in muffins (muffins are my current baking favourites as they are so easy to make and can have so many varieties). Inspiration for this recipe was found on Rhubarb Central which is a great page where you can find everything about rhubarb.

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