Roasted and mashed cauliflower with sun-dried tomatoes salsa

It seems that I’ve already posted recipes with all possible varieties of cabbage and for unknown reasons cauliflower was an exception. It’s time to break this circle ­čÖé The only dish with cauliflower I had known before was simply boiled cauliflower and then served with greens, garlic and cheese. I decided to extend my horizons and cook something more exciting this time.
A few notes before I share the recipe. I use tahini paste in this recipe because since I’ve often started to cook hummus, tahini can be always found in my kitchen. It’s already the third recipe with tahini I’m sharing here. The first was pumpkin bread and the second was beet hummus.
Here is the recipe for cauliflower “steaks” with mashed cauliflower and sun-dried tomatoes salsa.
(­č窭čç░ slovensk├Ż preklad n├íjdete za anglick├Żm textom)

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