Double layer pumpkin cheesecake

To finish this year pumpkin season with a style I decided to make a pumpkin cheesecake. I’m not so much a cheesecake person in terms of cooking cheesecakes, but I love to eat them 🙂 Hard to believe, but it was the second cheesecake I had ever done in my life and the first cheesecake I’ve baked this year. No need to say that I was looking for something very exceptional. Recently I’ve received a pumpkin cake spice all the way from New York and I was so excited to use it. We don’t have it on sale here in Slovakia and it’s amazing that I have it on my shelf with spices now. ( 🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)

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Sourdough apple twist

After baking so many varieties of bread (and being excited about even more varieties I want to try) I was curious when I fond the recipe of some sweat sourdough baking that I would like to try:) This dough is absolutely amazing! The original recipe calls for pumpkin purée filling which I had already tried, but then I decided to try it with apples and it was even more exciting. I think that you can supplement apple/pumpkin purée with any kind of fruit purée you like. Also fillings like sesame or poppy seeds work nice. (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Rhubarb, almonds and pears pie

Red rhubarb is finally at the season so I can bake one of the pies I have been thinking about since last summer.
A few comments before I share the recipe. It may be the simplest recipe I shared here, so don’t hesitate to cook it even if you are not an experienced baker. Then, it’s hard to define exact measurements as if you prefer, for example, more almonds, you can use more almonds and no one will judge you.
And also: you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen cutting rhubarb into a pattern, just do it in the way you like. (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Cherry loaf with coffee and chocolate

Summer is the time of contradictions. From one side it’s not so pleasant to stay near the oven when it’s +30 outside (and also I live on the last floor and don’t have  an air conditioner), but from the other side, I have so many ideas what to bake that I will not manage to keep them till the autumn. So I’m baking and complaining and then baking again. Here is my latest love, cherry loaf with coffee and chocolate.  (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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