Double layer pumpkin cheesecake

To finish this year pumpkin season with a style I decided to make a pumpkin cheesecake. I’m not so much a cheesecake person in terms of cooking cheesecakes, but I love to eat them 🙂 Hard to believe, but it was the second cheesecake I had ever done in my life and the first cheesecake I’ve baked this year. No need to say that I was looking for something very exceptional. Recently I’ve received a pumpkin cake spice all the way from New York and I was so excited to use it. We don’t have it on sale here in Slovakia and it’s amazing that I have it on my shelf with spices now. ( 🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)

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Sourdough apple twist

After baking so many varieties of bread (and being excited about even more varieties I want to try) I was curious when I fond the recipe of some sweat sourdough baking that I would like to try:) This dough is absolutely amazing! The original recipe calls for pumpkin purée filling which I had already tried, but then I decided to try it with apples and it was even more exciting. I think that you can supplement apple/pumpkin purée with any kind of fruit purée you like. Also fillings like sesame or poppy seeds work nice. (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Rhubarb, almonds and pears pie

Red rhubarb is finally at the season so I can bake one of the pies I have been thinking about since last summer.
A few comments before I share the recipe. It may be the simplest recipe I shared here, so don’t hesitate to cook it even if you are not an experienced baker. Then, it’s hard to define exact measurements as if you prefer, for example, more almonds, you can use more almonds and no one will judge you.
And also: you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen cutting rhubarb into a pattern, just do it in the way you like. (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Cherry loaf with coffee and chocolate

Summer is the time of contradictions. From one side it’s not so pleasant to stay near the oven when it’s +30 outside (and also I live on the last floor and don’t have  an air conditioner), but from the other side, I have so many ideas what to bake that I will not manage to keep them till the autumn. So I’m baking and complaining and then baking again. Here is my latest love, cherry loaf with coffee and chocolate.  (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Salted caramel tartlets with banana and dark chocolate

OMG, I  have so much to write and so little time to do it. For example, if you follow me on Instagram (  there) you might know about my newest love affair with sour dough baking. I should write a post a about it, because it’s just great and exciting experience that it deserves to be shared here.  Also both Catholic and Orthodox Easters passed and I can finaly take a deep breath and to look back at these 2 weeks long baking marathon that I enjoyed so much. At Catholic Easter we’ve finally visited Nova Bana cottage house for the first time this year. I baked there 3 goods:  a sweet sour dough cake with dried apricots and raisins, cacao tartlets with salted caramel cream and eclairs with chocolate and mascarpone cream. I’ve made all these dishes for the first time and I was a little bit nervous as salted caramel and  choux pasty have a naughty reputations. All went well and I’m excited to write the recipe of salted caramel tarts here. Funny fact: I didn’t find any adequate salted caramel tarts recipe in internet. Almost all recipes were like “take store bought mini tarts and fill them with store bought caramel cream”. So boring 🙂 Here is the recipe, hope you will like it. (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Chicken terrine with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and roasted peppers

Hello, Ferns and Cakes, it‘s been awhile.
Well, February was not the most exciting month so I’m happy that it‘s‚ almost over and I just hope that upcoming sping will bring much more courage to “cook and tell”. Today I want to share an easy recipe of chicken terrine. I was amazed with amount of different terrines I saw at Paris food markets and, of course, I wanted to cook it myself. Glad to say that it was “10 from 10” from the very first try and I am excited that I can cook another nice dish now.
(🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)
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Spelt flour focaccia with rosemary and olives

One of my New Year resolutions was to write down all the recipes I want to add to my upcoming book. So I’ve done it and now it’s time to test everything that was planned and to post the results here. Let me start with rosemary and olives focaccia.

A few notes. There are plenty of focaccia recipes that use baking powder, which seems “very wrong” to me as it’s only sour dough that gives focaccia that special taste. Then, there are a lot of people who are afraid of yeast and sour dough. Well, sour dough requires some more efforts  in comparison with baking powder or “self rising flour”, but commercial yeast makes its work so perfect that it’s hard to make a mistake. Hope I motivated you at least a little bit. And finally: I found that you can make focaccia with plain spelt flour which is in a way healthier choice than white wheat flour. Try it 🙂
( 🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)

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Pavlova with chocolate and fruit

Pavlova was my obvious choice for one of Christmas dinners I’ve enjoyed this week. It’s easy to make (well, if you know how to make it right), it doesn’t require million of ingredients and it looks incredibly stylish. Of course, summer choice of fruit and berries gives you more options of what to add to the topping of your Pavlova, but we still have plenty of fresh fruit even in winter, so it’s pretty easy to make your cake beautiful.
( 🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)

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Last minute Christmas baking: dried fruit and ginger biscotti

This recipe has caused a lot of questions from my facebook friends, so I’m glad to share it here. Biscotti are obviously not Slovak Christmas classics, but I think that it’s a nice addition to the variety of cookies. They also remind German Christmas stollen, they are just quicker to make. A lot of biscotti recipes include nuts and almonds, I’ve made “nut free version” as I can’t say that I like an idea of hard nuts in dry biscotti.
( 🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom)

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