Asparagus and chicken risotto

Rhubarb is coming to the season so I have to finish my “asparagus trilogy” and to focus on this sweet and sour treat.
My last asparagus recipe for this year will be asparagus risotto with chicken. It’s quite convenient and stylish recipe which can be made in vegetarian version as well – just substitute chicken stock with vegetable stock and don’t use chicken meat (or use button mushrooms). (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).

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Asparagus cream soup

Last weekend we went to Trnava, a small city in 30 minutes by train from Bratislava. Now Trnava is known with  it’s new restaurants and food bars and it’s a popular destination for 1 day trip from Bratislava. It was my second visit to this city but I  have never really walked there before. So I can admit that this Slovak “hidden treasure” has very beautiful architecture and it’s… so cozy 🙂 Asparagus was on the season menu in the most Trnava restaurants, so I took green asparagus soup for my lunch. The soup was good, but I decided that I’d make it with white asparagus and less sour. I made it the next day and it was more than tasty. So happy to share this recipe 🙂 (🇸🇰 slovenský preklad nájdete za anglickým textom).
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White asparagus with soft broccoli polenta

It’s time to make a confession: until this weekend, I’ve tried asparagus just once in my life. In Ukrainian south where I have grown up asparagus is not a traditional crop. It was not widely known until the last few years when some farms started to grow it on commercial basis. First asparagus I’ve bought was planted in the West of Slovakia (Veľké Leváre city) where a big farm that grows asparagus is located. Last year I baked it with cheese and butter and it was so delicate that as soon as I noticed that fresh asparagus is available at our market in Žilinská street, I bought it immediately.

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