Rare plant fair in Vienna

One of the perks of living in Bratislava is its great location:  it takes just a little bit more than 1 hour to get to Vienna by train and 14 eur for  a return ticket. So the whole tour to the “Raritätenbörse” held in Botanical garden of Vienna University took me only 5 hours.

Despite the fact that this Botanical garden is “just behind the fence” of my beloved Belvedere museum with Klimt paintings, I’ve never been to the garden before and  the fair was a great reason to finally visit it.

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Indoor jungle discovery. Greenhouse in Bratislava (SK)

Decision to visit Bratislava botanical garden and its greenhouse was very spontaneous. I returned from a farm market on Saturday morning (with fresh asparagus so try to guess what will be this week recipe about) and realized that it’s actually 1st of April and it’s the first day when the botanical garden opens after a winter break. I tried to google some pictures from the greenhouse a few month ago and didn’t find anything exciting, but the weather was good, magnolias were in a full bloom in Bratislava so I decided that If nothing special from urban jungle is found, I will just enjoy a spring day in a beautiful garden with friends and magnolias.

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DIY air plants garden

I have been always flirting with the idea of nomadic life from one side and have a feeling to everything connected with planting and growing from the other. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Nomads don’t have gardens as they don’t need to have roots or anchor that could hold them on one place. Well, which of us doesn’t have some contradictions inside? So, having all these thoughts in my head I was totally charmed by air plants that live literally in the air with tiny roots or without them at all.

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