Sausage and shrimp gumbo

I’ve first heard about gumbo from my very favourite BBC Food program podcast. It was clear that this is a special dish of American cuisine (I can compare it with borsht in Ukraine or kapustnica here in Slovakia), because it seems that hundreds of recipes exist and every family from Louisiana has its own way to cook gumbo.
I don’t want to claim that my gumbo recipe is a “true” one, however it contains all key ingredients: ” Louisiana trinity” of onion, green pepper and celery plus roux. A lot of recipes also include okra, but you can’t find okra in European grocery stores in the middle of January ­čÖé I like the taste of this dish, it’s reach in taste and it’s perfectly warming.
( ­č窭čç░ slovensk├Ż preklad n├íjdete za anglick├Żm textom)

2 celery stalks
2 green bell peppers
1 middle sized yellow onion
2 gloves of garlic
1/4 cup of all purposed white flour
2 tbs of olive oil and 2 tbs of butter
150-200g of pork and beef sausage (its famous Andouille sausage in Lousianna, but I found similar one here, so just use what’s available in your region)
0,6l of vegetable stock
2 big ripe tomatoes, peeled and chopped (or 150g of tomato paste)
400g of peeled shrimps (I found that it’s incredible hard to find ocean shrimps, as mostly they come from Asian farms and I don’t feel comfortable about it as it’s hard to say what these scrimps were fed with)
2 bay leaves
salt, black pepper
pinch of chilli flakes (optional)
rice and greens for serving.

1. Make roux, it’s easier than you might think: melt the butter in a heavy bottomed pan on a low heat, add olive oil and flour. Cook stirring continuously until flour is caramelized and slightly brown.
2. Add chopped celery, pepper and minced onions to the pan, stir with roux, set heat to a medium low and cook for 5-7 minutes stirring continuously.
3. Add minced garlic, sliced sausage, bay leaves, minced tomatoes or tomatoes paste, salt, pepper and stock. Make it boil and decrease heat to low. Cook for 1 hour stirring occasionally. In 15 minutes before gumbo is ready, add shrimps and some water of necessary (but not too much as gumbo should be thick).
4. Serve with boiled rice and greens.

Gumbo can be named as a cousin of Slovak (and Ukrainian) dish letcho – vegetable stew with a lot of sweet pepper (without celery), paprika powder, sausage and sometimes bitten egg.

­č窭čç░ Louisiansk├Ż pr├şvarok Gumbo
2 stonky zelen├ęho zeleru
2 zelen├ę papriky
1 stredne ve─żk├í ┼żlt├í cibu─ża
2 str├║─Źiky cesnaku
1/4 šálky hladkej múky
2 PL olivov├ęho oleja a 2 PL masla
150-200g brav─Źovej klob├ísy
0,6 l zeleninov├ęho v├Żvaru
2 ve─żk├ę zrel├ę paradajky, ol├║pan├ę a nasekan├ę (alebo 150 g paradajkov├ęho pretlaku)
400g l├║pan├Żch kreviet
2 bobkov├ę listy
so─ż, ─Źierny korenie
┼ítipka chilli korenia (ak m├íte pikantn├║ klob├ísu, chilli m├┤┼żete vynecha┼ą)
Ry┼ża a nasekan├ę bylinky na serv├şrovanie.
1. Urob├şme z├ípra┼żku tak, ┼że na panvici s hrub├Żm dnom rozpust├şme na malom ohni maslo, prid├íme olej a m├║ku a nech├íme m├║ku skaramelizova┼ą. Mie┼íame, a┼ż k├Żm m├║ka nezmen├ş farbu na svetlo hned├║.
2. Prid├íme nakr├íjan├Ż zeler a papriku, nakr├íjan├Ż najemno cibu─żku, zv├Ą─Ź┼í├şme ohe┼ł a pra┼ż├şme 5 a┼ż 7 min├║t.
3. Prid├íme najemno nakr├íjan├Ż cesnak, nakr├íjan├║ klob├ísy, bobkov├Ż list, nasekan├ę paradajky alebo paradajkov├Ż pretlak, so─ż, korenie a v├Żvar. Nech├íme zovrie┼ą a zn├ş┼żime teplotu. Var├şme asi 1 hodinu a ob─Źas mie┼íame. 15 min├║t pred t├Żm, ako je gumbo pripraven├ę, prid├íme krevety a ak treba, trochu vody (ale nie pr├şli┼í ve─ża, lebo gumbo by malo by┼ą hust├ę).
4. Pod├ívame s ry┼żou a nakr├íjan├Żmi bylinkami.
Gumbo je v podstate “pr├şbuzn├Ż” slovensk├ęho (a ukrajinsk├ęho) le─Źa ­čÖé

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