Outdoor Paris food markets tour

I will be away from home the 4th weekend in a row, so not so many new recipes will appear here in December. However, I’m working on my “Christmas cookies” top and will hopefully share them next week.
This post will be about a lovely Sunday morning I spent on November, 24 in my ever so favourite Paris. My goal for this day was to visit Pari fermier market that took place on Rue Saint Charles. Pari fermier markets are organized several times a year to present original gourmet products to Paris foodies. I was very excited about this event. I have to say that all world known French products were really presented there. So I was not disappointed with offers but was surprised with amount of stands. There was not so many of them as I had expected.
Let’s take a look to the offers.
🇸🇰 Slovenská verzia pre časopis Dobré Jedlo

1. All cheese lovers will feel like in heaven there, as a lot of cheese makers presented their main product. Just look at this 🙂

paris food market10paris food market1paris food market5

Notice goat milk cheeses made in Rocamadour on the last photo, they are quite known. Producers page.

2. Pigeons, pigeon breasts, pigeon terrines and other pigeons dishes by Sandrine Noirot (Le Pigeon Barrois)

paris food market6paris food market3

3. It’s not a French cuisine party without oysters. (Les huîtres de Kerpenhir by Ronan Lorgeoux)

paris food market7
4. OMG! Gourmet terrines offer. I want one with avocado and shrimps right now 🙂

paris food market4
5. Snails. Free samples were served on all stands, but I was not in the mood to try a snail at 10AM. Farmer was famous Anne Catherine Bonvalot from L’Escargotière BONVALOT Anne produce free escargots grown for 6 month on wild herbs diet. I want to visit her farm once 🙂

paris food market2paris food market9
6. It’s also not a French cuisine party without foie gras. (produced by Caroline Tribier, La ferme de Pleinefage en Périgord)

paris food market11
7. Red and white Jerusalem artichokes – I wish I could see them on sale at our farmers market too.

paris food market8

And the story about Pari fermier ends here. I can recommend to visit it, but do it like me. Right after Pari fermier I walked a few blocks to the famous Marche de Grenelle, one of the biggest Paris markets. And I liked it sooo much. It’s huge, crowded and offers a lot of food, street food. You will feel this unique “parisian” atmosphere there.Do, visit it, when you are in Paris next time.
I took some pictures there
8. Fennel and artichoke. I just remembered, how I had been looking for fennel for almost a month in Bratislava.

paris food market18
9. Fish and sea products stands are simply amazing and it’s always a big line of people there.

paris food market13paris food market12paris food market14paris food market15

10. Another terrines and meat dishes.

paris food market23

11. Mushrooms and asparagus.

paris food market16

12. Grilled chickens

paris food market22

13. Giant curly kale for Paris hipsters.

paris food market19

14. Cabbage varieties.

paris food market20

15. And breakfast at Bistro Dupleix – they offer breakfast menu for 9.5 or 12.5 euro..

paris food market21

Considering everything I saw that morning, I want to make friends with some French foodies as they have such reach and amazing food culture 🙂

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