Vegetarian borscht with red lentils

Oh, I can write a lot about borscht.It is better to say: it’ll be hard to write about the most famous Ukrainian soup briefly ­čÖé May be it is borscht that comes first to my mind when I think about Ukrainian cuisine. It’s like kapustnica for Slovaks and it has both gastronomical and cultural values. There are sayings like “you can’t cook borsht with him” which means “this person is not good to have a deal with” or “you can cook a good borscht, so you can get married”. Borscht recipes show a wide range, the one I’m going to share is my favorite, I’ve tested it last year and it was success from the first try.
(­č窭čç░ slovensk├Ż preklad n├íjdete za anglick├Żm textom)

(makes 5-6 portions)
1,5l of vegetable stock
1 middle sized beet
1 middle sized carrot
2 middle sized potatoes
300g cabbage
half a cup of red lentils
1 middle sized white or red onion
2 cloves of garlic
140g tomato paste (and a few fresh ripe tomatoes if you have them)
Sugar, salt, black pepper,

1. Mince onion and garlic and fry on olive oil until soft and in a big enough saucepan.
2. Cut carrot and beet into fine little sticks, add to a saucepan, fry together for a few minutes on a medium heat, then reduce the heat to low, add some water, cover a saucepan and cook until beet becomes almost soft.
3. Add tomato pasta (and chopped tomatoes if possible), 2 tsp of sugar, season with salt and pepper, stir properly and turn the heat off.
4. Cut potatoes into small cubes and add to a pot with a boiling stock. Cook for 10 minutes, then add cabbage cut into stripes and cook for another 10 minutes.
5. When cabbage is almost soft, add stewed vegetables and cook together until cabbage is soft. Add red lentils and cook for the next 10-15 minutes.
Borscht, like the Slovak kapustnica, tastes better on the second day. Serve it with a spoon of sour cream and fresh herbs (dill is my favourite).

P.S. It’s actually funny that “for the rest of the World” borscht is a soup with, let’s say “East European identity”. But it’s still funny to see that at Bratislava Christmas market borscht was offered like “traditional Caucasian soup”. Well… ­čÖé

caucasian borscht in bratislava

­č窭čç░ Vegetari├ínsky bor┼í─Ź s ─Źervenou ┼ío┼íovicou
Zeleninov├Ż v├Żvar 1,5l
Cvikla 1ks
Mrkva 1ks
Zemiaky 2ks
Biela kapusta 300g
─îerven├í ┼ío┼íovica pol hrn─Źaka
Cibu─ża 1ks
Cesnak 2 str├║─Źiky
Paradajkov├Ż pretlak (a ak m├íte, p├ír ─Źerstv├Żch paradajok) 140g
Cukor, so─ż, ─Źierne korenie,

Cibu─żku nakr├íjame na mal├ę kocky a orestujeme spolu s nasekan├Żm cesnakom na dostato─Źne ve─żkej panvici. Mrkvu a cviklu nakr├íjame na tenk├ę p├ísiky, prid├íme na panvicu, par min├║t pra┼ż├şme a potom podlejeme trochou vody a dus├şme dom├Ąkka pod pokrievkou. Ked┬┤ je cvikla skoro m├Ąkk├í, prid├íme paradajkov├Ż pretlak (a pripadne na kocky nakr├íjan├ę paradajky). V┼íetko premie┼íame, okoren├şme, prid├íme 2 ─Źajov├ę ly┼żice
cukru a odstav├şme z oh┼ła. Zemiaky nakr├íjame na kocky a vlo┼ż├şme do hrnca s vriacim v├Żvarom. Osol├şme, var├şme 10 min├║t a prid├íme nakr├íjan├║ bielu kapustu. Var├şme e┼íte 10 min├║t, potom prid├íme dusen├║ zeleninu a var├şme spolu, pokia─ż kapusta nie je m├Ąkk├í. Prid├íme ┼ío┼íovicu a var├şme e┼íte 10-15 min├║t. Bor┼í─Ź, rovnako ako slovensk├í kapustnica, chut├ş najlep┼íie na druh├Ż de┼ł. Serv├şrujeme s ly┼żicou kyslej smotany a najemno
nasekan├Żm k├┤prom.

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