Pumpkin-ricotta-bryndza-sage stuffed shells

I wanted to try stuffed shells long ago, but the only found suitable pasta was Conchiglioni and the price was 3.90euro for 500g packing. I am not frequent pasta eater so I preferred to spend this money on something that I will eat quicker. And then came classical story: сonchiglioni was on sale and I decided “now or never”.
Going through US pumpkin recipes I’ve noticed interesting “food and culture” fact: although sage and pumpkin combination is often called “traditional” it is unknown in my part of Europe. Of course I wanted to try it immediately. I was even lucky to find fresh sage in my friend’s garden. And as it’s fall and I have “pumpkin marathon” here in the blog. So shells stuffed with pumpkin, sage and ricotta were my pick of the recipes this time. A lot of authors add neither parmigiano reggiano nor pecorino romano to the filling, but as “wanna be” locavore I’ve made substitution and add Slovak bryndza. And I didn’t regret.

20 pasta shells
400 g pumpkin pure (or roasted and mashed pumpkin)
100 g Slovak bryndza cheese (if you are not lucky to live in Slovakia you can substitute it with any cheese with taste stronger than ricotta)
200g ricotta
2 tbs of sage (preferably fresh)
1 clove of garlic, minced
150g tomato pasta
1 tbs of butter (not necessary)
salt, black pepper

1. Cook shells Al Dente. Drain the pasta, drizzle a bit of olive oil and stir it up. Set aside.
2. In a big bowl, mix together pumpkin, garlic, ricotta, bryndza and minced sage. Add salt and pepper. Stir properly.
3. Melt butter on a pan, add tomato paste and a few spoons of water. Stir until smooth.
4. Here comes the stuffing! Add 2-3 tsp of filling on each shell.
5. Spread sauce on the baking form and arrange stuffed shells there. Cover with foil. Cook for 30 minutes in the oven preheated to 180C.

If you have some filling leftovers you can use them like a perfect spread for breakfast 🙂

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