Slovak Buddha Bowl. Early fall edition

I actually wanted to take a short break from cooking and food writing but can you guess where I found myself on Friday evening? Of course, right in the kitchen again. Well, if it can’t be helped, I should use this endless enthusiasm wisely and write a new recipe here.

My Friday night hero was Buddha bowl. I’ve been excited about it since the moment I saw it on Instagram as I love dishes made from many ingredients. Is Buddha bowl a dish? In a way yes, but maybe I would prefer to call it “food concept” because ingredients can be combined in any order you want. Original  Buddha bowl is a vegetarian dish, however I found meat recipes too and I added a hard boiled egg to my own version. Here are a few rules of what should be added to Buddha bowl.

Although I use word “rules”, they are not strict and you can easily go beyond them.

– carbohydrates: grains, mostly rice or quinoa and also sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes, etc.

– proteins: all sorts of legumes, tofu, hummus, seeds, eggs or meat if you are not vegetarian. I’m not vegetarian, but I’m not sure if I eat Buddha bowl with pork or beef because they are what I don’t see in this concept.

– veggies: anything you want ,raw, grilled, steamed or pickled.

– dressing. You can use all classical combinations, like “olive oil + vinegar + mustard” or “tahini + lemon juice”. I used just pure olive oil and lemon juice.

As a result you will get well balanced, healthy and low fat dish that looks beautiful and is very easy to make: you have just to combine all ingredients in a big bowl.

I love to cook “international” recipes using local food products so here is my version of Slovak Buddha bowl, early autumn edition.


(I will not write measures because it all depends of how hungry you are and how big bowl you have, but please notice that all ingredients should be taken in equal amount)

Grains – I had my favourite grains mix that consists of brown rice, wheat, barley, rye plus quinoa.

Proteins – boiled red lentils, a hard boiled egg, roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Veggies – steamed green beans, boiled beet root, sautéed patty pan squash with Provence herbs mix and sweet paprika, our local čalamáda salad made of pickles, pepper and sauerkraut  (notice: if you have sensitive digestion and fermented vegetables in combination with lentils can cause some complications you  should make your Buddha Bowl without them)


Hmm, just cook every ingredient in a way you want and add it separately to the bowl. Don’t forget to add some dressing.

This dish is my love from the first bite and I have a lot of ideas of what Buddha bowl  I can cook for every season using local vegetables.

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