Zucchini and chickpea flour pancakes

I’ve got few home grown zucchini in Nová Baňa and 2 of them were white. It’s actually interesting because I have been trying to find white zucchini (so common in my native Odessa) for last 5 years of my life in Slovakia but all my attempts were unsuccessful. Nová Baňa managed to surprised my once again.
I cook a lot of dishes with zucchini, both green and white. It is nice, when it’s stewed with sour cream, chicken and dill or like a filling for a cake. Zucchini pancakes are nice dish for late summer morning. I used chickpea flour for this recipe, but you can substitute it with white all purpose flour.


3 middle sized  zucchini

1 cup of chickpea flour (substitution is possible, but I don’t need to tell you consequences of eating much of white flour products)

2 tsp of curry powder

1 egg

Green or violet basil leaves

Salt, black pepper, olive oil.


  1. Shred zucchini, put all into a big bowl.
  2. Add chickpea flour, curry powder, minced basil and black pepper into the bowl and stir.
  3. Add a crushed egg to the “dough” and stir properly.
  4. Season the dough with salt just before you start frying, otherwise your dough will be too moisturised.
  5. Take a “portion” of the dough from the bowl with a spoon and cook on a big pan with olive oil on a medium heat for 4 minutes on every side.

I like to serve this dish with sour cream and fresh dill on the top.


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