Roasted eggplant spread recipe

It was very hot here in Slovakia during last 2 weeks so to be honest I didn’t cook a lot. It was hot even in Nová Baňa last weekend but it didn’t stop me from cooking one of the most famous summer dishes from Odessa cuisine: grilled eggplants, peppers and tomatoes spread. This recipe has obviously Greek or Bulgarian roots, but both Greek and Bulgarians were quite influential in summer Ukrainian region so it’s no wonder that a lot of dishes I often cook  have South European or Middle East origin.

Back to the recipe. I was lucky to find fantastic mikado tomatoes for 1,5€ per kilo at Nová Baňa farm market (and I’ve bought even San Marzano tomatoes there for the same price) which is 2 times cheaper compare to Bratislava. Eggplants were bought in the grocery store (planted in Holland) and I can’t say that I was satisfied with their taste as it was not intense enough and eggplants were too juicy.

Looking forward to repeating this recipe with farm market eggplants.


I can’t measure how many portions it makes as term portion is not clear in this case. You will get a nice bowl of spread that you can enjoy with dark bread or just use like a side dish for the roasted meat.

2 middle sized eggplants

3 nice ripped mikado or bull heart tomatoes (or any other not cherry tomatoes, but it’s really depends on a taste and it has no sense to use plastic tomatoes from supermarket)

5-6 bell peppers

1 glove of garlic

1 shallot or white onion

Olive oil, salt, pepper


  • Grill and peel tomatoes and peppers. Don’t forget to pierce eggplant with a folk in a few places to vent as it’s a chance that they can Remove seeds from peppers.
  • Dice eggplants and peppers.
  • Blanch tomatoes for a minute and then also peel and dice them.
  • Mince onion and garlic.
  • Mix all together in a bowl, add olive oil (you can make it without oil too but olive oil just makes the taste “more southern”)
  • Let your spread cool in a cold place for a hour, than season with salt and serve.

Hints: you can grill eggplants and peppers on a garden grill, but you can also bake them in the oven. Summer grill version will have some “smoky” flavour.
If served on bread,  don’t forget to toast the bread a little bit.

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