Rabbit stew with shallots recipe

I feel a special kind of excitement as today I’m going to post the first meat recipe in my blog. It didn’t take too long to decide what meat dish to cook first as my Slovak friends mentioned that they have never tried rabbit and I invited them to the dinner with rabbit stew.

Before I share the recipe, here is a funny story about my experience with rabbits. In Odessa, where I grew up, rabbits on farm markets are always sold with one unskinned paw. Why? Because it is a proof that you are buying a rabbit, not a cat that was caught on the nearest street. I am still not sure if these “rabbit cats” were not just an urban legend.

And now back to  the recipe:


1 rabbit (it makes 4 portions)

Shallots – 3 pcs (mine was bigger than “middle sized”)

Carrots – 3 pcs (middle sized)

2-3 gloves of garlic (depends on how much you like garlic, I like it, so I used 3 gloves)

Heavy cream – 1 cup, it’s around 200ml (use only fresh cream and don’t forget to take it  from a fridge before you start cooking, because there  is a risk that cream can curdle. If it Is, don’t worry, it will not make the stew taste worst).

Fresh rosemary – 3-4 big twigs (you will need only leaves without stalks)

Salt, pepper, olive oil.


It’s actually quite easy to cook this dish.  The  whole process took me a bit more than  an  hour.

  1. Cut rabbit into smaller pieces. I’ve cut into 4: 2 loins, back and chest (notice that loins are easier to eat with a folk and a knife). Roast it in a heavy bottom pan on olive oil until it gets a nice looking crust.
  2. Add diced shallots and roast together until shallots become soft. It will smell really nice.
  3. Lower up the heat and add thickly grated carrots, cream, crushed garlic, pepper, salt (I can’t say how much salt you will need. Add 2 tablespoons, than try and add more if it is necessary) and rosemary. Stir all together and add 1-2 cups of water – water should not cover the meat).
  4. Stew the rabbit in a covered pot for 40 min, check from time to time if there is enough water, add if it is necessary. In 40 minutes try if it’s salty enough. If not, add some salt and cook for 20 minutes more (It was exactly 1 hour in my case). I didn’t want to have too much of broth so last 10 minutes I cooked the stew without a cover.

When  it is ready, serve with potatoes of your choices. I prefer mashed potatoes or slightly boiled and then baked in oven with simply seasoning of olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.

I cooked a rabbit for the first time in 2017 and have to say that may be I will make it more often, the stew was super delicious.


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