Greetings from Nová Baňa: stuffed mushrooms recipe

My newest addiction: visiting a country house in Nová Baňa, a small town surrounded by the mountains in central Slovakia. It’s a great place for digital detox (as I have internet only on my iphone and a signal is weak) and just for relax and cooking experiments*.

I’ve been there this weekend and found that spring came to Nová Baňa 2 weeks later than in Bratislava. Even lilac is not in bloom in Nová Baňa yet). This means that wild garlic is in a high season, so guess what did I take from my walk in the  nearby forest?

Right, a bundle of wild garlic and chives.

By the way, my mom asks me why  I don’t write about meat and meat recipes. The only answer I can give for a moment is: I don’t know. I am not vegetarian, but meat is currently not my topic.

So, wild garlic with chives were used for another meatless dish: mushrooms stuffed with zucchini, eggs and wild garlic.

Ingredients for 2 portions:

1 middle sized zucchini

1 egg

5 big button mushrooms caps (here they are called “button mushrooms for BBQ”)

half of bungle of wild garlic

olive oil, salt, pepper

chives for decoration

handful of curly kale (not obligatory)

wild garlic recipe stuffed mushrooms

(I have 3 eggs here on the picture but during cooking I found that 1 egg is enough – yes, I took this recipe just from my head and didn’t know what I would get in the end, lol).


Step 1: cut zucchini into thin 4-5mm stripes and fry 1 half of it on a pot on medium heat with olive oil until it becomes soft.

Step 2: remove stems from mushrooms (you can use a small knife if it is too hard to do with hands).

Step3: prepare staffing. Crack an egg into bowl and stir with fork, season with salt and pepper. Add fried zucchini and wild garlic also cut into thin strips. Stir all together.

Step4: put mushrooms on a baking tray and fill them with egg, zucchini and wild garlic, I made it with a table spoon. Bake mushrooms for approximately 25 minutes in an oven preheated to 180C.

Step5 (not necessary, but I liked it): cut mushrooms stems and fry them with another half of zucchini and curly kale with olive oil until zucchini become soft.

Serve baked mushrooms with chives.

*It’s easy to make cooking experiments even in a small town like Nová Baňa, because modern grocery stores give you plenty of choices. I’ve bought nice quality white asparagus from Italy for 1.85euro or so – isn’t it cool? I covered asparagus with prosciutto and fried it on BBQ, I have never done it before and it tastes ridiculously great.

Hm, it seems that my own version of “Riverside cottage” recipes will be created.

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