Rare plant fair in Vienna

One of the perks of living in Bratislava is its great location:  it takes just a little bit more than 1 hour to get to Vienna by train and 14 eur for  a return ticket. So the whole tour to the “Raritätenbörse” held in Botanical garden of Vienna University took me only 5 hours.

Despite the fact that this Botanical garden is “just behind the fence” of my beloved Belvedere museum with Klimt paintings, I’ve never been to the garden before and  the fair was a great reason to finally visit it.

My impressions about this event.

Well, to be honest, I didn’t really understand who labeled this a “rare” plant fair. Some rare plants were indeed presented, but more than half of the propositions were quite common garden plants, vegetables and succulents. However, even though the reality didn’t totally met my expectations, I still liked it a lot.

Photos of plants that could be named “rare” and caused my “urban jungle” excitement.

This company offered a lot of nice plants including banana trees. It would be nice to visit their greenhouses one day.

rare plants fairk16

rare plants fairk15

This couple offered a lot of exotic plants, mostly orchids.

rare plants fairk12

rare plants fairk13


Huge amounts of Bonsai trees

rare plants fairk3

rare plants fairk17

One of the few stands with classical urban jungle plants

rare plants fairk4

Absolutely amazing collection of air plants

rare plants fairk8

Nice bougainvillea, my big love

rare plants fairk7

Next big topic of the fair were the cactuses and succulents.

rare plants fairk21

Just a succulent heaven.

rare plants fairk19

Some “hen and chickens plant” patterns.


It was really a wide variety of rock garden plants.


Living pictures

rare plants fairk1

Variety of cactuses

rare plants fairk6

Exhibition of “hen and chickens”

rare plants fairk5

Few words about this Botanical garden. The only greenhouse open to the public looked like this:
rare plants fairk27

rare plants fairk26

rare plants fairk10

Technically, it’s just a big room with a high ceiling filled  with trees, palms and orchids. All other “sections” of greenhouses were closed which means that I will make my “urban jungle” discovery of Vienna greenhouses in Schonbrunn. Their greenhouses are opened for visitors for sure.

Vienna University owns a huge collection of orchids, but areas with collections were also closed, I just took a look at it from behind the fence.

Looks great, doesn’t it?


rare plants fairk22


And another interesting place in the garden is Alpine Rocks garden with bonsai collection and rhododendrons. Some of them have started to bloom already.

rare plants fairk11

rare plants fairk30

Ticket to the Fair and Alpine garden costs 7 eur.

If I were a Vienna local, I would gladly come to this event next year to buy herbs for my windowsill garden and some indoor plants too, but to experience bigger concentration of rare plants it’s worthy to visit more specialized events like International Orchid show in Austrian Klosterneuburg.

And in the end a quick look at Belvedere, which looks as beautiful as always.



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