Indoor jungle discovery. Greenhouse in Bratislava (SK)

Decision to visit Bratislava botanical garden and its greenhouse was very spontaneous. I returned from a farm market on Saturday morning (with fresh asparagus so try to guess what will be this week recipe about) and realized that it’s actually 1st of April and it’s the first day when the botanical garden opens after a winter break. I tried to google some pictures from the greenhouse a few month ago and didn’t find anything exciting, but the weather was good, magnolias were in a full bloom in Bratislava so I decided that If nothing special from urban jungle is found, I will just enjoy a spring day in a beautiful garden with friends and magnolias.

Surprisingly, I was not disappointed by the greenhouse at all, I can even say that the idea to go there was amazing. The greenhouse has 4 big zones, each one is dedicated to a group of plants or to a climate zone.

Here is a picture of  the first area with  a mix of tropical crops like coffee and bananas and a collection of aroids. At the end of this hall there is a small pond with ferns and monstera.

bratislava sklenik1

The second area in absolutely stunning and this greenhouse would be worthy to visit even if it has only this single place.

bratislava sklenik18

It’s a tropical/jungle area with a huge collection of my favourite air plants and orchids. Look at this fantastic Spanish moss.

bratislava sklenik4

Watering systems turns on everyday at 13:00 so if you want to have almost real jungle experience, don’t forget to schedule your visit to this time. Tropical rain (even artificial) makes very lovely atmosphere.


bratislava sklenik8

bratislava sklenik17

The next area is dedicated to a desert, so it hosts cactus and succulents collection (closed greenhouse of Bratislava cactus and succulents club is located at the end of this hall).

bratislava sklenik15

I’m not a big fan of cactus so these pictures are just for documentation.

bratislava sklenik6

bratislava sklenik5

bratislava sklenik14

And finally  the last area with the highest ceilings has a lot of palms and ferns inside.

bratislava sklenik16

bratislava sklenik7

I enjoyed this small, but nice greenhouse a lot, so add it to the list of places to see in Bratislava if you are into urban jungle topic.

And only 6 days to go to Rare plants fair in Vienna Botanic University are left.  Can’t wait!

P.S. Entry fee to Bratislava Botanic Garden is 3 EUR.

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  1. Beautiful! My boyfriend and I are considering visiting Slovakia from Chicago this summer, and this would totally be on the list.

    I love to see the ways Europeans implement the botanical greenhouses and how it differs to what I’ve seen in Chicago and the states!


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