Wild garlic salad

Wild garlic is definitely my favourite spring herb. I can’t always wait for its season to start as а combination of wild garlic with red radishes, eggs and cucumbers just drives me crazy and taste of this salad is my personal taste of spring.

Wild garlic grows all over Slovakia, even in Horsky park almost in the centre of Bratislava, where I walk with my dog. On the market I buy it from the lady who always insures me that her wild garlic is from the forest and I prefer to believe her, even having an idea that her herbs come from my park.
I use fresh wild garlic for a salad and in a sauce for gnocchi.

Today I will share a recipe of my favourite spring wild garlic salad.

Ingredients for 2 big portions:
1 bunch of wild garlic
6-7 middle sized red radishes
Half of English cucumber
Two eggs
Salt, black pepper, olive oil

Its a super easy salad as you have just to cut all ingredients and season it with olive oil with salt and pepper. But okay, I will describe it.
– boiled 2 eggs to hard, dice it,
– wash wild garlic and then dry with a paper towel, cut into stripes,
– cut radishes into 2 parts and then cut lengthwise to thin slices. Cut a cucumber in the same way.
– mix all together in a bowl, season with olive oil and salt&pepper.

This fresh salad is an amazing addition to a spring dinner with mashed potatoes and any kind of baked meat. I also buy dry wild garlic in winter. It can’t be compared to fresh, but it’s still gives nice flavour to dishes.

Thanks to Apropos for beautiful British style napkin by Green Gate.

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