Urban Jungle update

It’s time to share latest gardening (indoor and… outdoor) news.  I always liked idea of community gardens and when I googled if there were some of them in Bratislava, I discovered that I had one not just close to my place but literally under my windows. I’ve sent a request to a local urban garden community to become a member for this year.

For the current moment,  the garden community is trying to make an agreement with the school that hosts the garden and if the solution is found and garden remains at the school yard I hope to get amazing and real garden experience this summer. So fingers crossed.

Next outdoor gardening chapter is about windowsill herb garden. To be honest, I am a little bit sceptical about  the idea that I can make for example a salad with greens planted on the windowsill for more than 2 times during the whole summer, but ok, let’s give it a chance. At worst, I will have some nice plants and reason to brag to friends.

balcony herbal garden start

There are 3 varieties of greens planned to be grown on the window for this season. It’s basil (my most favourite herb, like a dill for Olia Hercules) – green, violet and mini green, beans and coriander (why coriander? because I’m going to learn to cook pho bo soup and coriander makes this soup flavour so special).

My air plants and bottle garden updates.

Air plant collection lost one member, Tillandsia bulbosa, but the rest of them are doing great, they woke up and I can see new leaves.

 I have a great addition to air plants garden that came to me directly from Bali jungle, it’s famous Spanish moss aka Tillandsia usneoides. I’m curious how this wild plant will behave in new conditions.

air plants collection

 Then goes a small teaser: this air plant garden inspired me to  a totally new project, hope to share news about it next month.

 My Bottle garden is doing great too. Plants are looking healthy but grow slowly, though a lot of new roots can be seen. It’s interesting that even without full isolation from outer world, garden works like a closed system.

bottle garden plants

I’ve noticed that a few fruit flies are in the bottle and what guess did I see the next day? Of course a small spider who was waiting for its fruit fly dinner. It’s interesting how  the spider got into the bottle as the bottle neck is narrow and I haven’t seen a lot of spiders in my apartment.

And a small announcement, Rare Plants Fair will take place in Vienna next month, from April 7 till 9. Will I meet some of Urban jungle bloggers there?


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