Traditional Slovak food exposed part3. Horalky and Kofola

Hiking season is coming so it’s time to write a post about the second famous Slovak food combination Horalky plus Kofola. How can a wafer bar and soft drink be connected with hiking? Let me tell you.

Horalky name comes from the name of the flower Horec which is drawn on a wrap and also sounds like Horal, a person who lives in the mountains. It’s a crispy wafer bar with peanuts filing and cocoa cover. There are also other filings like milk, chocolate, coconut, etc, but peanut one is the most popular and classical.

Horalky were first produced in 1953 and since than they have been a great hit both in Slovakia and Czech Republic. It’s a nutrition bomb as one 50 g bar has 218 calories inside.

I love Horalky with a big cup of good coffee without sugar, it’s just a perfect match.

And now comes a story about Kofola.
When Iron curtain was still on and no Pepsi or Cola type drinks were available in former Czechoslovakia, a drink of the same type was created (in Prague in 1960 to be certain). The name shows that it contains Kofo syrup with caffeine. Kofola was (and actually still is) a perfect substitution of Pepsi and Coca Cola at the local market as it contains less sugar and has no phosphoric acid. Besides caffeine, Kofo syrup has 14 different herbal and fruit ingredients, caramel and, of course, sugar. You can choose among Original, Lemon, Sugar-Free, Cherry, Vanilla, Herbal, Walnut and other versions of Kofola. Usual Slovak summer invitation to go out for a drink often sounds like “let’s go out to drink Kofola”.

Nutritional value is 36 calories in 100 ml of Cherry Kofola (I have it on the picture).

So what brings Kofola, Horalky and hiking together? Two Horalky and proper sips of Kofola are good energy boosters that will give you enough power to reach your hiking goals.

Hiking is popular activity here in Slovakia (no wonder, Tatra mountains are breathtakingly beautiful) and Horalky with Kofola are the “must have” for a trip to the mountains.

hiking in tatras

Guess, what did I have in my bag last summer during hiking adventures in the High Tatras?

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