Traditional Slovak food exposed part2. Codfish mayonnaise salad.

Treska v majonéze aka codfish mayonnaise salad is a true Slovak phenomena. Who could expect that in a continental country without a sea coast where sea food is not too popular, fish based salad will become one of the most famous dishes? And why did codfish salad and long roll bread become one of the two most popular food combinations in Slovakia?

Here is a short story of this dish.

Classical recipe of this salad was created by chief Július Boško from Bratislava about 1954. Boško received an order to invent a salad receipt from Ryba state company that was exporting fish to Slovakia and was trying to increase its popularity.

Classical receipt consists of cod (up to 45%), mayonnaise (up to 41%), vinegar, eggs, carrot, onion, summer squash and mustard.

During Socialism era this salad was one of the dishes that were sold in deli shops. Now it can be found in every supermarket. There are two main manufactures: one in Žilina and the other in Košice. You can also taste vegetarian version with tofu cheese, “fake codfish salad”.

tresnka v majonese supermarket
Codfish salad in one of supermarkets

Maybe only in Slovakia you can find codfish salad on tap like beer. It happens every summer at open air music festivals where manufactures have huge presentation stands of their products.

Combination “codfish salad and long roll bread” is a classical quick lunch for many Slovak students.

I tried codfish salad only after I have lived three years in Bratislava. It reminds me fishy version of Olivier salad. I don’t often buy it because of mayonnaise but sometimes I just can’t help myself and make a sandwich with this salad and a fresh crispy roll.

Second food combination is Horalka waffles with Kofola (local analogue of Coca Cola and Pepsi with a little bit different “more herbal” taste). I will describe this products in the next Slovak food exposed post.

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  1. 41 процент майонеза – это уже не салат, а соус поактически! У нас как-то продавалась селедка с майонезом, ананасом и кукурузой, довольностранное сочетание, но вкусно в своём роде.


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