Top 5 things that you can’t do if you want to have an urban jungle

Wow, first comments about this blog leaded me to a topic that is in a very basis of indoor gardening. So, here it comes

Top 5 things that you can’t do if you want to have an urban jungle.

1. You can’t take indoor plants like a decoration.

They are live creatures and if you don’t provide them right conditions to grow they will slowly die. For example, if you are a cactus lover, but you have apartments with north windows only, then it’s not a good idea to buy a cactus because you don’t have enough sunlight for it. And vice versa, if you always wanted to have a fern but you have a place only at bright sunlight with low humidity then most of the ferns will be just a temporary decoration for your garden. So please, try to make a short research about conditions of a plant you want to buy will need. And if you don’t have right amount of light or humidity, but you still want to buy this particular plant, don’t be disappointment of a loss that will come.

2. You can’t leave plants for a long time without giving them some care. Plants are so like pets but they will not bark if you forget to water them once or twice. They will just stop growing or will have yellow leaves. Over care is also not healthy. Will you like to stay wet all day long (I assume that you are not a mermaid). Not all  urban people live slow life so if you have problems to remember when you watered plants last time, make a note in your to do list. It will make things easier.

3. You can’t leave plants in the same pots for years. Roots are growing and if they don’t find enough space, then a plant starts to grow slower. It is known that soil loses its nourishing components with time. Please notice, that there are special solids for each type of plants. It is caused by the fact that they grow in different conditions in nature. Dessert plants will need more sand components and plants from bog will need the soil that can stay wet for a long time. Be careful with so called universal soil mixes as some plants are easy to keep in them, but others will need a special mix specialized for their needs. Original soil that was in the pot of a plant when you bought it is also not the best choice for a long term healthy growing for the most of plants. It was used just to make transportation easier and plants will not feel good staying in it.

4. You can’t expect good results without regular fertilization (especially during the time of active vegetation). It’s like muscle gaining in the gym: you need to provide some extra efforts to see extra results. For air plants and orchids that don’t actually grow in a soil regular fertilization is a key to successful growing. Notice: don’t hurry to give food to those plants which are freshly potted. Wait until they show signs that they are doing well in a new pot or soil by having new sprouts or leaves.

5. You can’t give up if you noticed some signs that your plants don’t feel good. In my first post I’ve written that I always check discounts shells in flower shops. It’s my little dirty secret: I become sensitive when I see all these poor plants in bad conditions that no one wants and I want to buy and safe them all immediately. Last time I couldn’t help myself and bought this African violet (for 30 cents, it was may be the cheapest plant I’ve ever bought). Why did I do it? Because I know that in few months with a good care it will bloom again. So don’t give up trying if something went wrong. Your urban jungle team will appreciate it. Check what conditions your problematic plant needs and try to improve quality of its life.


And one more thing. I can often hear weird ideas like “Oh, I’m helpless I can’t have even a cactus, I’ve tried many times but all of my plants died sooner or later”. Of course you are helpless if you are trying to grow cactus in the darkness and water it every day. There no people who can’t be indoor gardeners if they study how to take care of plants in suitable conditions in their apartments.




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