My bottle garden

In this post I would like to introduce you to my garden in a bottle and describe experience with its creation.

It’s a shame that I didn’t make any documentation of the process, but at that moment an idea to write a blog about my urban jungle was still just an idea.

So, how it was.

Actually, it was a super easy thing to do and  the whole process took a bit more than an hour.

First, I put two layers of soil into a glass bottle with a narrow neck. I had a beautiful vintage one, so called demijohn bottle.

Urban jungle life hack: you can find such bottles in supermarkets, they are usually used for sell a cheap wine. Or you can visit DIY store and just buy an empty bottle. It’s funny, but  a bottle with wine and an empty bottle are sold at the same price.


But let’s return to my story. The first layer was a drainage with small stones and the second was soil mix for tropical plants.

I made a research to understand what kind of plants:

– will not grow too fast because all manipulations with those plants which are already in the bottle are complicated,

– prefer a high level of humidity.

I am not going to repeat the story of World oldest bottle garden so I was looking for plants that are more interesting than spiderworts. My choice was hypoestes. This plant has a lot of beautiful color varieties and is described in articles I’ve read like a good bottle garden citizen.

I’ve bought 4 pots with red and green leaves hypoestes. Plants were small that was good as it meant that I could place them into a narrow necked bottle without complications.

Then I dug planting holes with a simple tool as an orchid holder with 2 clips on the end. It was not hard to plant hypoestes as soil was soft and the plants were small.


After all plants were placed I watered newly created garden with a spray bottle and my bottle garden was created. Hurrah!


I made this garden about one month ago. It’s doing well as I can see the roots  are growing and no one has died so far. I also know that I’ve made a few mistakes.

– don’t place a closed bottle in the sunlight as a “glass house” effect will take place,  – – temperature in the bottle will be high and plants could get burnt. A few of mine already did.

– be careful with watering as a bottle narrow neck is the only way for water to get out. High level of humidity could be a problem for many plants.

Btw, bottle gardens were even discussed at KickStarter. This start up was not successful, but I still like the idea.

 If everything is fine with this true urban jungle project, I will make one more garden and I promise to take a lot of pictures of the process.




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