DIY air plants garden

I have been always flirting with the idea of nomadic life from one side and have a feeling to everything connected with planting and growing from the other. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Nomads don’t have gardens as they don’t need to have roots or anchor that could hold them on one place. Well, which of us doesn’t have some contradictions inside? So, having all these thoughts in my head I was totally charmed by air plants that live literally in the air with tiny roots or without them at all.

What a beautiful choice for a nomadic person. It my region of Europe tillandsias can’t be often met in flower shops and those plants which I managed to find were quite expensive.

However, last week I bought a lovely surprise from one gardening center. I found a set of 7 different air plants varieties on sale. I often look for “discount” shelves in plant shops as sometimes you can find some good deals there like plants that started to lose condition but I know that a few months of good care will bring them back to life again.

To be honest I had doubts if I should risk this time and buy this collection even for a good price as almost all plants looked a bit sad with yellow or totally dry leaves, etc. But I decided to take a chance and chose a box with plants that looked healthier than others. It cost 4 euro and was produced by a small company in Czech republic. Due to info on a company page, my plants have origin in Central and South America. Wow, what travellers!

Here is an official photo of my air plant team.



First thing to be done at home was to give a proper SPA to my new friends which were obviously struggling in a dry box. Bathing in water with room temperature took about 30 min (advice in advance, if you are going to put your air plants into a terrarium or other places where aeration is not big, be sure that they are dry after the bath.


Than I had to decide how my air plant garden would look like. I was scrolling Pinterest trying to find inspiration and two ideas became my favourites. A stone garden or jungle imitation with air plants on a dry tree branch. My apartment doesn’t have big windowsills so each pot has to fight for its place under the sun. But in case with the jungle imitation no light is necessary, a branch can be placed on the wall and a treasured place on the windowsill can be saved for future urban jungle members. A suitable branch was found on a dog walk in the nearby forest and 6 from 7 tillandsias were placed there with the help of a thin wire (0,75 eur for approx. 1 meter in same gardening center).


The branch was placed on the eastern window. Optimal mode of watering will be discovered later but articles I’ve read recommend to spray air plants with water a few times a week or give them a proper bath once a week. I don’t ant to bother them so often by putting them down from the branch so spraying option is more preferable. It looks pretty nice, I just hope that my new friends will appreciate my efforts and recover quickly.


You may ask what I have done with the biggest air plant, tillandsia fasciculata?

It’s too big to be placed on a branch so I’ve just put into a wine glass. Looks funny but maybe I will find some other decisions later.


Oh, I am so excited with this DIY project, I have wanted to have my air plants collection for so long.

Stay turned and make something good for your urban jungle today



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